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"There are not words that could express the love you have for your athletes. To see my daughter's passion for the sport be rekindled and brought back to life, all I could say is I wish she had more time to be apart of your program. Cheering you and those with you on to much success."

- Gail Lewis

"Kareem, I know it is late and you are exhausted after a 4 hour practice, but I wanted you to know that it is evident you are doing something AMAZING with this group. After many years of Allstar Cheer I thought we were done and was a bit nervous to bring my child back. I was wrong. I have not seen her this excited to be part of something this big...ever. Thank you for allowing her to be part of your dream." #feelingblessed

- 1st Year United Elite Parent

"United Elite, owner Kareem and his coaches, are truly AMAZING! My daughter came to United Elite in July from doing only gymnastics and has not only advanced in tumbling, but also learned choreography and stunting. Most importantly, she is learning commitment and what it means to truly be a team player. She has been challenged individually to learn her part of routines and advance in individual skills as well. Other wonderful things include: close familial relationships for members and families, better overall health, and confidence levels are through the roof! Kareem makes being part of the United Elite family an amazing experience!"
- Jenn Crockett

"Deciding to join United Elite was the best decision that we could have made. The character building program and the amazing coaching that she receives is the best in the area. Kareem and his staff are very knowledgeable and my daughter is happier here than she has been in a very long time! It is also a state of the art facility, unlike anything else in the area. We are truly like a family there and we couldn’t be any happier. One of the things that I love about the gym is that no one is lost in the shuffle or forgotten. There is no favoritism and everyone is taught in a way that is specific to their needs. It’s so awesome to see everyone exude confidence and watch it continue to grow as they progress!!! Can’t say enough good things about this program 😊 I highly recommend it!"

- April Kunkel

"This gym and their coaches are amazing to say the least. The gym is state of the art as well. They are welcoming and knowledgeable on all matters that are cheer . They provide a program for building character and self esteem to further focus on each child. They work hard every practice and don't expect anything of kids they wouldn't expect of themselves or their own. They stress safety at all times and make reteaching and teaching of skills a positive and reinforcing experience. Everyone feels included, cared for, and valuable."

- Rebecca Simpson

"We could not be happier to be a part of this cheer family. The progress I've seen my daughter make is amazing. Kareem and his staff do incredible things. I highly recommend becoming part of the UE family."

- Brandi Ousley