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Cheer Abilities

Screaming Eagles

United Elite is proud to be the only all-star cheer program in Central Kentucky to host a special needs cheerleading program. Our Screaming Eagles consist of athletes with varying special needs. We have an amazing group of coaches, athletes and parents who have dedicated themselves to ensuring cheerleading classes are available to everyone, regardless of their abilities. Our athletes travel to both local and regional cheerleading competitions.

How Can Cheerleading Classes Benefit Individuals With Special Needs?

  • Team sports help enhance social skills.
  • Learning new skills and performing those skills for others gives athletes confidence, pride and a sense of accomplishment, building their self-esteem along the way.
  • Exercise and physical fitness are important and can sometimes be difficult for those with special needs. Our training methods are individually structured to each athlete’s specific needs.
  • Cheerleading classes help build lasting friendships.
  • Through our cheerleading classes, children receive exceptional parental support, as well as the support of other role models each day.

Who Can Join Our Screaming Eagles?

  • Anyone ages 6 and up with special needs

What’s the Time Commitment?

  • Our season runs from Aug. 1 through April 1
  • Each practice is an hour and a half, once a week

We are always excited to add new athletes to our amazing Screaming Eagles team. If you or your special needs child are interested in becoming part of the United Elite family, or just need a little more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!