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HYPE Teams

What Are HYPE Teams?

HYPE teams are very much like traditional all-star competitive cheerleading teams, but generally, start later in the season and require less time and financial commitment. These cheer teams practice and compete six months out of the year and only do a few competitions, which are oftentimes local. This enables us to keep costs lower for HYPE teams while athletes are usually still undecided if full-travel all-star competitive cheerleading is best for them.

Why HYPE Teams?

United Elite is committed to offering competitive cheerleading for ALL children, no matter the age or experience level. Our half-season program provides an exciting all-star experience at an affordable price and low commitment level.

Routine Length

The cheer routines max out at 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the same as traditional all-star competitive cheerleading. Elements in the routine include standing tumbling, running tumbling, jumps, stunts, pyramid, baskets (Levels 2-5) and dance.

Tumbling Requirements

There are NO tumbling requirements to make our half-season teams, since athletes can compete at Level 1, which requires minimal tumbling skills (such as forward rolls, cartwheels, back walkovers, etc.). Or they can compete up to level 3, which requires intermediate-level tumbling skills (such as back Handsprings, tucks and front handsprings, etc.) The tumbling category is separated into standing and running tumbling on the score sheet. We do, however, offer amazing tumbling classes for those looking to learn a fun new skills and sharpen their abilities!


United Elite is committed to teaching skills, training them and building on fundamentals throughout the season. In addition, how we create cheer teams allows for a calm and safe progression as opposed to stressing out over “chasing” a certain level or skill.

Competition Info

At one-day competitions, our HYPE competitive cheerleading teams only compete on Saturday. At two-day competitions, our HYPE teams compete twice (once on Saturday and Sunday).

Local Competitions

Families typically drive to these competitions around Central Kentucky and Ohio (Cincinnati) and incur a minimal cost on the day(s) of competition.


Contact us today to learn more about our HYPE teams or to sign your child up!